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Here in Galway Hockey Club, once a member, always a member.  Family is important, so we encourage all family members to register and join in the games where possible.

It is important to note that every person, player/coach/volunteer are required to be registered with Hockey Ireland (HI) as well as their individual club.  This will ensure they are covered by Hockey Ireland Personal accident insurance.  In the past, Galway Hockey Club could register all members in bulk.  However, this year, HI requires every member to register separately.  Therefore registration is a two step process which we hope, if you follow the steps below, will make it easier:

How to register:

To register as a Galway Hockey Club member, please follow the two steps below:

Step one:

A player must first register with Hockey Ireland.  To do this, click in the link below and register:

Connacht Hockey Leagues - Hockey Ireland Gameday Registration

PDF icon Step by step guide to assist you

The cost will be €10 per player (Adult and Junior). 

Once registered, you will receive a HI registration number via email.  This number (MEXXXX) will be required to continue to register with Galway Hockey Club.  (Please take the number down when you see it as it only appears once) Failure to register with Hockey Ireland (HI) means that you will not be able to register with our club, play in provincial or national competitions.  HI membership will also ensure your inclusion in the HI personal accident insurance scheme.  It is vital therefore that a valid email address is given to that you can ensure that you data is correct. 

Please note:  Prior year's Personal Accident Insurance cover was from 1/08/2022 - 31/07/2023.  If you have not registered with HI or the club before returning to training this season, players are training at their own risk and could be asked to stop training or leave the pitch area.  

Step two:

Once registered with HI, please click on the link below to register with Galway Hockey Club: 

Galway Hockey Club Membership forms

Your HI number (received in step one) will be required for registration.

Any issues with registration, please email


Membership fees for the 2022/2023 Season:

Registration Plan


Senior Ladies 1st & 2nd Team


Senior Ladies 1st & 2nd Team (in 3rd level education)


Senior Ladies 3rd Ladies Team


All Secondary School Girls


All Primary School Girls


Senior Men


All Junior Boys


Pavillion Members


Family Fees (Maximum payable for any one family)



Notes re registration:

Please ensure that all details are completed correctly e.g. D.O.B. or school year/class.  This assists the managers in ensuring players are allocated to the correct teams/groups.

Please ensure you include the phone number and email address you wish communications to be received on.  While we will continue to use the clubforce app this year, newsletters with information are issued via emails.