Galway Hockey Club

GHC Core Values

“Playing Hockey is one of the greatest journeys in life that begins from a very young age and can continue throughout our lives, culminating in lifelong memories of joy, despair, happiness and friendships”.

Our Core Values are:

  1. Respect

We treat everyone involved in our sport in a considerate, objective and courteous manner.  We refrain from any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, victimisation or vilification of others.  We recognise and value the contribution to hockey by volunteer coaches, officials and administrators who give up their valuable time to make our sport happen.

We will be conscious of the impact that our acts and decisions have on our teammates, coaches, opposition, supporters and umpires.


  1. Competitive

A strong competitive performance is a core value for us.  We encourage every one of our teams to play to a good standard.  Healthy competition is encouraged and team members are motivated to perform and improve.  All team members will learn to appreciate individual skills and game intelligence.  We play to win but not at all costs and we recognise both endeavour and achievement. 

Individual performances do not count in a team and it is the collective performance of the players, which matters the most.


  1. Community/Family

We strive to ensure that each player will be able to have fun, make new friends, experience the unique culture of hockey and learn about participating positively in a team sport.

In our club, once a member – always a member.  Our club encourages families to play together.  We welcome and support all new members who have moved to our community. 

We also remind our members that wherever the go in the world, they will always have a family when they join a hockey club.


  1. Fair Play

We play by the rules and we ensure our members understand and play by the rules and spirit of the game by being informed, consistent, impartial, just and reasonable in our dealings with others.  We encourage being a “good sport” and we praise fair play over winning at all costs. 

We reward commitment and encourage our coaches to give a “fair go” to people of all abilities to be involved and reach their full potential.  We recognize and seek to remedy our faults.


  1. Inclusivity

We are an all inclusive club.  We have mens, ladies, boys and girls teams and have young and old members.  We welcome all ages, gender, colour, creed and abilities. We support all our members and welcome the opportunity to become more inclusive in the future.

We encourage appropriate standards of behaviour to enable every member to be involved in hockey that is safe, welcoming and inclusive.  

We want our members to feel valued and receive equal opportunities.  We believe then that they are more likely to remain a member and promote our club to others.